Wednesday, 2 January 2019

What A Year!

We're thrilled to reveal that here at Brain Men we ran more professional quiz nights for banks, law firms, accountancy firms, investment houses, companies, charities, educational institutions, school PTAs and private individuals (mostly significant birthdays!) in 2018 than ever before.

So we'd like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone in our fabulous team of lovely Quiz Masters, Quiz Assistants and Question Setters for making that possible - thanks guys!

All our quizzes are special, fun, challenging and entertaining. But our highlight of 2018 has to be helping the National Theatre raise more than £50K in one fantastic night of star-studded quizzing. Several celebrity Quiz Masters contributed by reading our questions via video link.

Here's the amazingly talented Rory Kinnear doing a delightfully deadpan delivery, asking one of our faves (click on comments for the answer):

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  1. Brain Men - The Quiz Professionals2 January 2019 at 15:25

    Sir Elton John.