Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kelkoo Coo Over Our Journalists' Quiz

We've had some great feedback from Kelkoo, the price comparison people, following the dinner quiz we designed for national journalists in London on Thursday. It's the second year Kelkoo have hired us for this key event in their PR calendar.

Kelkoo spokeswoman Laura McDonnell writes: 'Just a note to let you know that last night’s quiz was another roaring success! All went smoothly, and the host Iain Lee got to grips really well with the questions. Everyone was happy with the level too – challenging enough for the ones who took it more seriously, but with enough in there to keep the more laid back teams happy, and to keep everyone’s interest.'

Winners were the Telegraph... they've got a table at Monday's Colman Getty PEN Quiz too, so they're clearly Brain Men fans!

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