Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Apologies For Our Absence

Apologies for the absence of our weekly brainteaser recently. Brain Man Chris has been in hospital, so our quiz engine is only firing on two cylinders.

Thankfully he's on the mend, so we hope to restore normal service shortly.

Speaking of engines, here's a motoring question from Anne and Keith that really flummoxed us at the Prince of Wales quiz last night (I've elaborated and clarified it slightly):

Which car manufacturer originated in 1895 when bookseller Vaclav Klement tried to order parts for his German bicycle and received the reply: 'If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand'? He started his own bicycle business in disgust, and later began making cars, which since 1926 have carried a winged arrow badge.

Click on 'comments' below for the answer.

1 comment:

  1. The answer's Skoda. There's definitely an arrow involved, but only if you look closely!